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An Essential; Impulse 'Paris' (City Collection) body spray.

By Chloe Louise Sheehan · January 2, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

A surprisingly good buy, and so cheap it can be put on the essentials list. Impulse body sprays are usually a very strong and overpowering scents but the Impulse Paris (City Collection) is refreshingly more on the subtle spectrum of fragrences. It's on an offer for just a pound at Superdrug, so I strongly recommend buying one at least for a test.

Impulse Paris, City Collection

The City Collection isn't just limited to Paris, there are two other fashion capitals, London and New York. The Paris fragrance is definitely more on the sweet side, with strong notes of rose and other floral/fruity scents, so if you'd prefer something more musky or brassy, I suggest trying one of the other two. It all depends on how you'd like to smell.

The Impulse body sprays are useful for wearing throughout the day leaving you feeling fresh and fragrant without wasting your favourite perfume everyday. A good mantra for that is 'Spray for day, perfume for night'.

Another good reason to purchase this essential buy is that it is very handbag friendly, extremely cheap and most drug stores will have them available. Plus they're very user friendly.

As I mentioned earlier, most Impulse fragrances can be very over powering, so a good way to avoid over spraying is rather than spray yourself as you first want to when you get the product, spray the air and do the classic walk through. This way you'll be fresh, but not a hazard to passing asthmatics.

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